Saturday, 27 July 2013


Just a quick snap at the seas edge.   Loved the colours.

Earlier this month we had the Potty Festival.

Morris and Molly dancers descend on the Town, from all over the country to sing, dance and drink their way through the day.  Not really my thing, but I did capture this shot.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


On a Forum I published some images that I thought worthy of using for my 'A' Distinction with the RPS.  I was told that my landscapes were too similar, with big skies, wide angle lens and the same view points.
For my candid street images I needed to get in closer rather than be an outsider.
I said I liked my landscapes like that, but was told I needed to be more diverse.  I repeated that that was how I wanted them,  that was my vision.  Not enough breadth.  I said 'breadth, bollocks' and I wont bother with it and upset a respected Distinction Panelist...............hey ho!!


I have had an image accepted for the Fotogram International Salon.


Misty morning.